The first of the home remedies for hot spots on dogs is simple, which is to clean and disinfect the area. To start, trim any hair that gets in the way, and remove any debris that has found its way into the wound. Be very careful here, as the area is extremely sensitive.


At this point, use a mild astringent or water based soap to cleanse and clear the area. A sponge is best, but a soft washcloth works well also. Just be careful to use lukewarm water rather than hot water, as hot water will be very painful on an open wound.

Home Remedies for Hot Spots on Dogs

So you’ve cleaned the area, now what?

Some great home remedies are as follows:

-Salt Water Solution – mix a bowl of water (warm, at least several cups) with a spoonful of table salt. Dip your sponge or washcloth in the bowl for several minutes, and then soak on the hot spot for the same time. The salt will help dry the skin and reduce swelling.


-Tea Bags – believe it or not, black and green tea are great for disinfecting a wound and keeping the risk of infection low. Tea contains something called tannic acid, which works great for drying and disinfecting lesions. To use this remedy, simply soak a large tea bag (several, if necessary) and place the bag over the wound. Let the bag sit for several minutes, and remove. Do this several times per day until the wound is healed.


-Ointments – hydrocortisone is a steroidal solution that works to sooth itching and soreness while also cleaning and fighting infection. The only issue with these creams is that they seal the wound, making it difficult to heal. However, there are some cases where you simply don’t have a choice, and unless you use an ointment, the wound will continue to re-open.

Home Remedies For Dog Hot Spots


Dog hot spots can be frustrating for a pet owner. Not only are they gross and messy, but they’re also extremely painful for the dog, and as a sympathetic pet owner will know…when your dog is in pain, you are in pain.I strongly suggest you to visit the Banixx hotspot remedy to learn more about this.


The problem with hot spots is that it’s easy to underestimate their urgency, and furthermore, they often aren’t noticed until they get nasty, often seeping puss and blood from an open wound.


If you aren’t careful, then a hot spot can turn into an infection, and at that point, they can become fatal. That is why I recommend that you use a variety of home remedies for hot spots on dogs before it gets to that point.

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